Living materials
Tissue adhesives
Drug delivery


Two complementary neat (solvent-free) prepolymers that harden upon mixing to yield an elastic biodegradable sealant
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Hot Glue Gun Releasing Biocompatible Tissue Adhesive
Simple and accessible medical hot melt glue gun application
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Minimally invasive apparatus composed of micron-sized needles arranged on a small patch
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Bacteria in thermo-responsive gel to treat fungal infections
Encapsulating and delivering a natural live microbiome population to a fungal diseased organ
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Two component cross-linkable gels for 3D printing
A novel 3D printing technique to form a pre-designed 3D pill
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Stimuli Responsive Materials
Materials that adapt the surrounding environment by changing mechanical and adhesive properties
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Tissue Adhesives
Neat adhesive materials as alternatives to sutures and staples
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A Patch Releasing Antimicrobial Agents for Food Preservation
A novel patch that releases volatile antimicrobial oils to extend shelf life
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